Sydney Lockdown – How are we coping?

Curis Recruitment like many are based in Sydney and currently in week 6 of our second lockdown.

We are very fortunate to recruit for Hospitals and Health Services right across the country. Feedback from all has been that of course they still desperately need staff, therefore this has kept ups very busy.

We are also fortunate enough to be able to work from home and keep safe with our families. All of us having children at home and home schooling has certainly been a challenge however I do feel we learnt last time what worked and what doesn’t, and we are working around this.

I know for me personal some of the things I learnt from the 9-week lockdown last year was the following:

  • Not to put too much pressure on home-schooling, go with the flow, if the kids are focussed one day, then they may do more that day than other days when they are just not in the mood. If they do a bit of maths and a bit of reading, I am happy
  • Do not stress how much screen time your kids are having whilst you need to work – Work is our focus; this pays our mortgage, and our bills so is important we continue to work
  • We are in a pandemic, do what you need to do to get through it, if it means helping the kids in the morning and then working in the afternoon/evening do that
  • Get out every single day in the fresh air and go for a walk, run or bike ride
  • Stay in touch with your team, friends, and family. We are all having good and bad days and it’s important to know who may need a chat one day to keep their spirits up
  • Keep some sort of routine. I am still setting my alarm, having a shower each day, getting dressed, having a lunch break etc
  • Try and do something fun on the weekends e.g.; movie night, date night at home with a special dinner, camp in the backyard, zoom trivia with friends, whatever breaks up the day and brings some fun!

Love to hear if you are in lockdown in Sydney at the moment how have you been going? What are you doing to keep normality and keep sane during this time?