My Management Style and How it has been Influenced

During a recent training session with some staff, the topic came up around management styles. 

Interestingly, a few of them started to praise me and my management style and the way I run Curis Recruitment. It was a humbling experience and one I was not prepared for.

It made me stop and think about how I run the business and the values I have picked up along the way and how I became the Manager I am.

I explained it to the team as this; I run my business and manage staff the way I would want to be managed. I implement things that I feel are important and things I know I appreciated when I worked for other managers. 

It got me thinking about some of the people along my career who have influenced my style. I want to take a moment to give a shout out to some of these people. 

My Dad

My Father who is now retired had a successful career in telecommunications managing many teams. I remember when I started managing a team, he would give me advice around the area of managing people. I soaked it all up as I knew he was a fair and trusted manager who his team respected. I learnt to treat people how I want to be treated and they will always work hard for you. 

Charles Hunt

Charles was the first Manager I had in my recruitment life. I worked with Charles at Taranaki District Health Board in New Zealand. He introduced me to the wonderful world of recruitment, and I will always remember the way he was such a fair, friendly, and fun Manager. 

John Bethell and Claire Ponsford

John and Claire are the Directors of Wavelength International where I was lucky enough to work for six years when I recruited doctors. This was the first time I had worked for a recruitment agency. Both John and Claire were exceptional leaders. The way they created such an amazing workplace culture was commendable. It was certainly one of the best places I have ever worked. 

John and Claire had an amazing vision and work ethic and they both gave me so much in terms of mentoring and support. I learnt a lot about the type of Manager I wanted to be whilst working at Wavelength as well as taking away some of the things the company implemented like work/life balance, a relaxed dress style, work from home days and celebrating birthdays and success in the business.  John and Claire, no matter how busy, would always take the time to check in and see how you were, see what was happening in your team and take on advice and action it. 

I remember the time John wanted me to manage a team for the first time. I had no idea how to manage a team however he guided me every step of the way, let me make decisions and really taught me a lot about managing styles and managing different types of people and the fact that what works for one person may not work for another. He also taught me how to drive a team for them to reach their full potential.

Giles Keay

In my recent years, another influential person in my career has been Giles Keay. I met Giles through a mentor program I was doing a couple of years ago and we have stayed in touch. When I started Curis Recruitment, Giles was influential in guiding me through the first couple of years. Without his support I would have been lost. Giles pushes me to think for myself and make my own decisions guiding me along the way. I continue to this day to see Giles as my mentor and meet with him regularly to talk through what is currently happening in the business and where I want to go with the business.

Like anyone I have also had my fair share of not-so-great Managers. I think these Managers also taught me lessons along the way. I do believe my management style and the way I run Curis Recruitment is from things I picked up along the way that I liked and did not like. And of course, I am still learning, always keen to receive feedback from my staff and clients and improve on things that need work. 

Love to hear from you, what type of manager do you relate well too? What type of Manager are you?

If you are a Recruiter wanting to experience firsthand my management style, contact me now at [email protected] and let us have a chat. I am currently expanding my team and I would love to hear from you.