Nurse of the Quarter – July to September 2020

Curis Recruitment are very excited to announce our very first Nurse/Midwife of the quarter!

This quarter’s winner is the wonderful Holly Williams

Holly is a registered Midwife from the UK! Holly says “I was 18 when I picked midwifery as my chosen career. I was shown a video of a birth in my biology class one day and from that moment on I became fascinated that a human body could create, grow and birth another life! It sparked my interest into being involved in the journey which lead to the birthing process, which in turn lead me to learning about the role of the midwife. I have been a qualified midwife for 8 years and now when people ask me why do I want to be a midwife? I would say because it is simply the most challenging, rewarding, satisfying, most exciting job. Our role is one that reaches all aspects of people’s lives and I feel very privileged to be a part of that.

I moved to Australia 6 years ago, I lived and practiced as a midwife in Canberra and Sydney before taking the leap in May 2019 to travel around Australia doing contract work as a midwife. Being from the UK I felt that I needed to see more of regional and remote Australia, to see how beautiful and picturesque different parts were, to be able to work with a variety of different people and to experience the Australian culture.

I took the leap with Curis Recruitment and have never looked back 16 months on! In that time I have done 3 different contracts in 3 different states, travelling and seeing the country, meeting new people along the way while furthering my midwifery experience. I have felt supported every step of the way with Curis recruitment and couldn’t of asked for better support from their team.

What have you enjoyed the most about your current contract:

The most enjoyable thing about my current contract is the people I work with, I have found the midwives and O+G team to be very welcoming and kind. I have extended 3 times now in this contract!!!

The most enjoyable thing I have enjoyed whilst working with Curis is the constant support I have received and how personal the service is. I have never felt like just a number or just another midwife.  I feel I have such a great working relationship with Curis, that I could go to them with anything and I know I would be listened to and well supported. And that’s what you need when doing contracts!

What is your advice for someone sitting on the fence about contract work/ Joining an agency?

Take the leap!!! Don’t be scared to try something new, there are so many contracts around Australia in healthcare you will never be out of work! You will be able to see this amazing country and all it has to offer while furthering your experience in your clinical field. Going with an agency like Curis gives you that support system to enable you to feel comfortable to do it.