WA 2019 Blog

Wow, I cannot believe that it’s been a whole year since I was last in Western Australia! My aim is to do a week in WA each year, visiting some of the hospitals and health services Curis Recruitment works with as well as a chance to meet up with the Nurses and Midwives we have placed in those locations.

I am now just back from another fantastic week over in WA, to say I love WA is an understatement! How could you not fall in love with these places where people are the friendliest in the country, there is a relaxed feel without the hustle and bustle of the city and there are stunning landscapes surrounding you.


My first stop was the beautiful coastal city of Geraldton. I had been to Geraldton before and absolutely loved it so was excited to get back there. Geraldton is a fantastic sized regional area, a quick flight from Perth and it sits right on the coast. There is a beautiful walkway that stretches along the foreshore where you will see many out walking, running, biking etc. There are also lovely cafés and restaurants along the foreshore where you can stop for a bite to eat. I was excited to hear about a new sculpture that had arrived in Geraldton since I was last there too which is on the Beresford Foreshore and resembles a large snow globe or some say crystal ball!

The thing that strikes me about Geraldton is that it is a very liveable city, by that I mean it has beautiful beaches, lovely cafés and restaurants, affordable housing and the people there are just happy! Why would you not be living in such a lovely area.

Mt Magnet

From Geraldton I headed inland 3.5 hours to the remote town of Mt Magnet. Stopping along the way in Mullewa and Yalgoo, small remote areas where there are single nursing posts.

The locals in Mt Magnet were buzzing about a movie which is currently being filmed there, high excitement for the town! My first impression of Mt Magnet was ‘what have I gotten myself into’! It was hot, dusty and I was staying in a ‘donga’.  A donga is a transportable building with single rooms, often used in remote areas for accommodation. My host Mary was the most down to earth, lovely lady and when I asked about where I should go for dinner, she kindly offered me some dinner that she was making. Shortly after, dropping it to my donga for me. You would pretty much never get this type of hospitality in a city, so these little things really touched me. She was very excitedly telling me all about the movie and how some of the actors had been staying on and off in the dongas.

The next day, I was excited to meet up with Michael who is the Clinic Manger at the Aboriginal health service there who Curis had placed into his new position. I also got to meet his wife Ellen who we placed there also as a Rheumatic Heart Disease Nurse. They were both lovely and so accommodating. Michael showed me through the clinic and explained everything they had done since arriving, really enforcing in me the difference that these Nurses can make to these remote communities. Some of the things they are setting up is some exercise classes at the clinic for the local women so they can go there and feel comfortable a to exercise a couple of times a week. In a city this is nothing major, in a remote area this is a massive achievement and fantastic community initiative.  

I also met up with Mark and Debbie from the single nursing post. Both lovely people with amazing stories of the area and their experiences in the clinic.

There is nothing much to Mt Magnet, around 500 people live there. The community seem happy and enjoy living in a remote area. They have all the services they need, a supermarket, a couple of pubs, hardware store, butcher and some cafes. 


I drove from Geraldton to Carnarvon which is an almost five-hour drive. I arrived into Carnarvon excited to explore the town. I was greeted by a lovely little town with a few cafés, pubs and other various shops with the beautiful walkway at the end of the main street right on the water. Carnarvon is known for being the gateway to the stunning Coral Bay and Ningaloo Reef.  I really enjoyed Carnarvon and could most definitely live there, smaller than Geraldton however still has all the amenities you would need. Fantastic if you love fishing, water sports etc as there are some stunning spots nearby. I drove 50 minutes to the blowhole, which was an amazing site, it is absolutely striking seeing the red of the earth, clifftops and the blue of the ocean.

If you are a Nurse or a Midwife looking to experience Western Australia, contact us at [email protected] and a consultant will be in touch to discuss options with you. It is all down to what you are looking for in a location and what experiences you are looking for.

WA has it all, from cities to regional areas to remote! Contact us to find out how you can live and work over there.