Why Use a Recruitment agency?

Nurses join recruitment agencies for a variety of reasons. Some sign up as they have seen a job advertised through an agency that catches their eye. Some sign up to make life easier as they have someone actively out there seeking work for them. And some sign up as they want to do casual nursing work where they are employed by the agency on a casual basis.


Some of the benefits of joining an agency are:

  • We are on your side, we will fight for extra benefits, extra money (if possible), housing etc
  • We can actively go out to the market and search for availabilities for you based on what we specialise in
  • We are FREE!
  • We will ensure that you have everything you need prior to starting your job eg; various police, working with children etc checks that you may not be aware you require for your position.
  • When we forward your application to our contacts, we also chat to the contact about you and what you are looking for. We don’t just send the application and hope for the best!
  • We follow up on your application until we get a response from the employer and keep you up to date along the way


How do you know you are with the right agency?

The biggest factor for me is that when you speak with a consultant at the agency you have joined up to, you have a connection and feel at the end of the phone call that they are on your side and will be doing the best for you. Look into the agency and see if they have a good reputation. There are a lot of agencies out there and some don’t have a great reputation with health services, this will then reflect poorly on you!


Things to look out for/warning signs!

Like anything in this world, unfortunately there are agencies out there who I believe don’t have your best interest at heart! Some of the things to look out for are:

  • Agencies that never call you! You send your CV then never hear from them until you hear they have someone who wants to interview you!  That is completely unprofessional. They should take the time to always ring you first, get to know you and find out what you are looking for and ensure that the job you have applied for is the right one for you.
  • Agencies who send your CV without your consent! This should NEVER happen! You should always give consent and know exactly where your CV has gone. It looks very unprofessional if a health service receives your CV from several agencies. The health services also tend to know who these agencies are that send CV’s without consent, so it doesn’t reflect well on you.
  • Agencies who do not listen to what you want! Make sure your agency is listening to what you have said you want in a job and location! There is no point talking to someone about a job in Sydney that has said they want to work in a regional area!


What Nurses say about Curis!

Connecting with a Nursing Agency which recognises your professional requests is essential in obtaining suitable skill-based contracts.

Elissa, from Curis Recruitment has provided me with amazing contract opportunities that fulfil my desires and work style. Her capacity to recognise fruitful work prospects, is inherent in her advanced listening skills, availability, researching and offering existing vacancies. Further Elissa demonstrates a deep commitment to matching your abilities with apt work environments.

Her positive attitude, work dedication, after hours care and kindness, inaugurates enthusiasm into the work culture and allays uncertainties as you enter the intrepid field of contract employment.

Child Health Nurse


I found Curis Recruitment very responsive with great communication throughout the whole process alleviating a lot of stress of collating documentation, finding out information from questions I had for example…. relocating to another country.

Mental Health Nurse


I signed up with Curis recruitment at the end of 2017 after coming across them through a google search. 

I was immediately contacted by my agent Elissa. From the get go she has been absolutely fantastic. 

Following the first phone call she listened to exactly what it was I was looking for and put forth my CV to a small emergency hospital in a remote area of Western Australia.

I at the time was living in New Zealand and she assisted me in every way possible to set me up for the interview. Once I was offered the position she contacted me on a regular basis (majority of the time it was out of regular business hours for her due to the time difference) she helped me with all my paperwork and was always readily available whenever I needed her. 

I am now at the position and it is with great thanks to her for this. She still contacts me on a regular basis and I know I can contact her with any concerns I have in this new role. 

I would recommend Curis recruitment to anyone wanting an agency/agent that is going to listen to their personal needs/wants and assist you on the way to achieving these goals and dream jobs. 

Generalist RN


Curis Recruitment have been absolutely fantastic, and it’s been great working with them in chasing my dream of working in a remote aboriginal community. Elissa has been there from day dot, offering encouragement, chasing potential jobs, and providing all the necessary information. I would highly recommend Curis Recruitment they are prompt and friendly. Overall, it’s just been a wonderful experience working with them.

Registered Midwife


How can we help???

Don’t just take our word for it! If you are looking for an agency that is on your side, then call us now for a chat to see if we are the right fit for you. [email protected] or 02 9188 3989.