Working as a Remote Area Nurse

I speak to nurses everyday who love working as a remote area nurse. I also speak to nurses every day who have never tried remote area nursing and always wanted too, this blog is for you!

It’s a daunting thought thinking that sometimes you will be going from a large tertiary hospital in a big city to a small clinic in the middle of Australia! YET so many nurses absolutely love this lifestyle and type of nursing.

From the nurses I have placed over the years I hear time and time again how rewarding it is and how they feel that they are finally truly making a difference to communities in need. They get to see first hand the changes that they are making.

What is it like as a remote area nurse?

One of our fantastic remote area nurses writes a true account on her experiences as a remote area nurse.

“What can I say…except that if you have a liking for adventures and believe that you can contribute value to each contract, then rural and remote nursing will not disappoint.

Despite the Heat, flies, dust, isolation, sometimes dodgy accommodation and limited entertainment options, rural and remote nursing can offer exciting and rewarding nursing experiences.

Nursing in some of these communities can be challenging as often staring you in the face are the results of depravation and poverty. This can be distressing to observe on a daily basis therefore taking care of yourself is a must. Finding opportunities for supervision or to ‘offload’ is essential.

I make it my mission to join every community library which not only gives me access to books, but also information about local events and groups on offer. For my most recent remote contract, I joined as a volunteer to a recycling centre which was awesome as I made some friends locally and learned much more about the beautiful things to see and do out in the community.”

There is remote THEN there is remote!

What many people don’t understand when they hear the term remote area nurse is that there really is a few different types of remote area nursing positions.

  • There are many remote area positions where you are working in a team of remote area nurses out in the community
  • Then there are positions based in small towns with limited facilities eg; maybe a petrol station, pub, bakery and grocery shop where you may be working with one or two other nurses
  • The positions that are sole nurse positions possibly based hundreds of km’s from anywhere or anything where you are IT!.

If it is your first time experiencing remote area nursing I always advise you to choose something in a team first to see if it is for you so that you have the support of other nurses and then work your way up to a more remote role.

Is remote area nursing for you?

Do you have a sense of adventure? Do you love to travel and experience working in new places and seeing our amazing country? Do you want to really make a different to the health outcomes of communities in need? Then yes probably remote area nursing is for you!

There are many benefits to remote area nursing; you will meet loads of new people, you will get paid well, mostly your accommodation will be paid for or subsidised heavily, you will get to really know the communities you are helping and you will get to see our beautiful Australian outback first hand.

It is an experience you will never ever forget and something you will never regret doing.

Whether you are a nurse with a couple of years’ experience or someone at the end of their career wanting to experience remote area nursing before they retire then this is a fantastic experience that you should not miss out on in your career.

Contact us now to hear about our current remote area nursing roles and how we can help you achieve your dream of experiencing this type of nursing. [email protected] or 02 8860 9559.